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Front cover of Economic Impact Report

In a recent regional labor market study commissioned by the Orange County  Regional Consortium in collaboration with Lightcast, an Economic Impact Study underscored Irvine Valley College (IVC) as a robust economic engine in Orange County.  The study highlighted IVC’s substantial $611.8 million impact on the local economy, representing  approximately 0.2% of the county's total Gross Regional Product (GRP). This impact is enough  to support the creation of 6,530 jobs , demonstrating IVC's pivotal role in fostering employment  opportunities. Moreover, the study reflects that the college has played a key role in equipping its  alums with an education that paves the way for higher-paying careers, benefiting thousands of  individuals and contributing significantly to the region's economic vitality. See Infographic »

The analysis shows IVC plays a crucial role in shaping students’ futures, providing them with  education, training, and essential skills for successful and fulfilling careers. The study affirms IVC as a substantial investment, yielding high-value returns for students, taxpayers, and society.  Students experience a lifetime return of $4.40 in future earnings for every dollar invested in their  education, with an average annual rate of return at 14.7%, higher than the 10.5% 30-year stock  market average yearly return.  

According to the study, IVC stimulates economic growth by attracting students from outside the  region, creating new opportunities for regional businesses and vendors. Around 20% of students  attending IVC originated from outside the county.  

"This study by Lightcast underscores the pivotal significance of IVC and the extensive influence  the college wields not only on the local economy but also in our region," said IVC President Dr.  John Hernandez. "This is a further testament to the tangible value of IVC’s mission of student  equity, inclusion, access, and success. We provide distinct and well-directed routes to transfer  options, certificates, associate degrees, employment, and advanced education for a diverse and  vibrant local and global community. Through strategic collaborations with business, government,  and educational networks, IVC actively contributes to economic and workforce development." 

In 2020-21, taxpayers contributed $114.4 million of funding. In return for this investment, taxpayers  will benefit from added tax revenue from students’ higher lifetime earnings and increased  business output, amounting to $200.2 million. A reduced demand for government-funded  services in California will add another $21.7 million in benefits to taxpayers.

The study underscores California’s investment of $223.3 million in supporting IVC. The California  economy will grow by $2.7 billion throughout students’ working lives. Society, at large, is also  poised to reap the rewards, with projected public and private sector savings amounting to $35.8  million. For every dollar invested in IVC in FY 2020-21, the people of California can expect a  return of $12.40 for as long as IVC's students from that period remain active contributors to the  state's workforce. 

Impacts created by IVC in Fiscal Year 2020-21:  

•    Operations spending impact $73.2 million + 

•    Construction spending impact $5.3 million + 

•    Student spending impact $51.1 + 

•    Alumni Impact $482.1 +  


Total economic Impact $611.8 million or 6,530 jobs supported.

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