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Sound Off Comic Book
November 14, 2023

The Veterans Services Center officially unveiled the "Sound Off" comic book during the Veterans Day event on November 9. Sound Off is a photo-story blog and comic book of veteran and military-connected students sharing stories from their life experiences. Faculty Tutor Max Evans served as editor for the project, and former IVC professor Nathan Cayanan created the comic book illustrations and served as artistic lead. Contributing artists were Cassandra Perez, Kelly Tieu, and IVC student Joyce Wen.  

Interim Director of Veterans Services Joseph Latham describes the Sound Off project as, “…a powerful therapeutic intervention. It encapsulates where we have been and reinforces where we are going. Our Veterans Services Center would like to reflect on the challenges our veterans have endured and the triumphs they have celebrated.”  

The Sound Off project features twelve personal stories by IVC students. The comic book captures these narratives through illustration, while the photo-blog presents their written stories alongside their photographs. See Sound Off Project »