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IVC EWD can help your business plan where you are going and how to get there. Strategic planning approaches typically entail reviewing an organization's past accomplishments and challenges in setting its course for continued success. IVC EWD focuses on planning for the future through powerful out of the box thinking rather than limiting an organization to where it has already been. To create an effective strategic plan, we partner with our business clients by facilitating the following activities:

  • Stakeholder engagement: enlist the support of all your key stakeholders, including your business owners, senior leaders, employees, and customers to participate in the strategic planning process
  • Visioning: define the organization's vision, mission, and values to lay the foundation and serve as guideposts for your strategic plan
  • Strategic targets: working backwards from the future, establish intermediary strategic targets throughout the planning horizon (e.g., 10 years, 5 years, 2 years) to move your organization towards achieving your vision
  • Action planning: develop a Year One action plan with quarterly and monthly goals as needed to operationalize the strategic plan and establish clear accountabilities for those who must perform the strategic work
  • Implementation support: conduct regular project status and review sessions to measure your team's progress against the plan and monitor the results of your ongoing work

This approach helps businesses identify future business objectives through the development of a comprehensive strategic plan, which we will provide training to implement.

IVC EWD will help your business to achieve enhanced business results by collaborating on effective approach for designing organizational structures that better align with your marketplace.

We begin the process by defining your long-term business strategy. A successful business strategy is created by comparing your current business results with your customers' and stakeholders' future needs. IVC EWD will collaborate with you to design an effective organizational structure that enables you to achieve your business objectives:

  • Design team creation: establish a design team consisting of an executive champion to sponsor the effort and a small group of experienced leaders to drive the design and implementation process
  • Capabilities assessment: evaluate the organization's current capabilities, including everything from work processes to business systems to the individual people and their particular skills
  • Future-state design: consider various design options and review early drafts with senior leadership and other key stakeholders to gain their buy-in for the final design early in the process
  • Transition management: create an implementation strategy to help employees understand the new organization and implement the human resource and business practices required to complete the transition
  • Continuous improvement: put measurements in place to evaluate the effectiveness of the new design over time and make any necessary enhancements to improve the long-term success of the organization

In today's competitive marketplace, it's essential for business leaders to align their business objectives and long-term strategic direction. Without this shared vision for the future, it is unlikely your organization will ever reach its intended destination.
IVC EWD facilitates leadership retreats by setting a productive, interactive environment for much-needed discussion and group dialogue. While these conversations aren't easy, the IVC EWD team will keep you and your group on track. We start the process by identifying any specific objectives for the retreat and then designing an agenda and discussion flow to meet your particular needs, including:

  • Requirements gathering: meet with senior leaders and other participants to assess current business challenges and determine any expectations for the retreat
  • Retreat design: create the overall framework and detailed agenda for the retreat as well as secure guest speakers and confirm event logistics
  • Group facilitation: distribute pre-work assignments and engage all retreat participants in an interactive session to discuss and address your key business issues
  • Retreat wrap-up: capture the group's work, debrief the results of the retreat, and confirm the very next steps along with individual accountabilities and action plans

Addressing today's complex business challenges requires team collaboration and group involvement. So whether you're plotting a new strategic course for your organization or working through an operational issue that must be resolved, IVC EWD can design and facilitate a high-impact retreat that moves your organization forward and delivers lasting business results.

Today's organizations experience tremendous amounts of change. Successful change strategies actively engage affected individuals early in the process to mitigate potential impacts, and to create a clear understanding of organizational objectives. IVC EWD can help your business implement your transition processes. IVC will assess your organizational climate and history of change, and then develop a detailed change strategy, including targeted efforts in the following areas:

  • Organizational alignment: identify potential impacts to existing jobs and align them with your change initiatives
  • Communications: inform your stakeholders of the upcoming changes and elicit valuable feedback for executive sponsors and project team members
  • Stakeholder management: build commitment, support, and advocacy for your change efforts
  • Training and development: educate your managers and staff on new process requirements and prepare them to use new technologies
  • Team effectiveness: recognize and reward exceptional team contributions that enable the successful achievement of your major milestones

Through these change management efforts, IVC EWD can help you implement timely and efficient transitions within your business.

Process improvement programs can be valuable to your company in improving poor communication, inefficient processes or bottlenecks, poor customer satisfaction, declining employee morale, or low productivity.
EWD will review your current workflow processes and analyze your existing organizational structures. After this initial assessment, EWD will provide a detailed process improvement plan that includes the following activities:

  • Definition: document "as is" processes and validate your existing workflow to gain a better understanding of your core operating procedures
  • Standardization: design a standard model for your "to be" processes based on improvement opportunities, such as removing bottlenecks, eliminating redundancies, and reducing manual handoffs
  • Automation: incorporate new templates and advanced technologies into the model to streamline paper-based operations and integrate other business functions
  • Transition: implement your "to be" processes and realign job functions and reporting structures to match new process requirements
  • Evaluation: assess the effectiveness of your new procedures, envision future enhancements, and refine the process to achieve increased efficiency

Through this approach, EWD can help you create a more efficient and responsive organization.

IVC EWD offers training and assessment services relating to business project management activities. We use a project management approach that consists of the following activities:

  • Project governance: create an effective program management structure with a clear delineation of roles and responsibilities to lead the team from project planning through design and execution
  • Project planning: identify key project tasks and deliverables, and align them with the resources and budget allocated to the effort
  • Project reporting: develop and deliver regular reports and project updates to keep key stakeholders informed throughout the initiative
  • Issue management: mitigate project risk by recognizing, addressing and resolving issues before they negatively impact the overall success of the project
  • Performance scorecards: track the ongoing completion of project deliverables and monitor team performance against the stated business objectives

By utilizing disciplined approaches to project management, IVC EWD can help you design and implement more effective project plans and drive successful change initiatives throughout your organization.

IVC EWD recognizes that each business has its own unique leadership development needs which are essential to its' success. IVC EWD will work with your business in designing specific leadership programs that meet your unique business needs.
These programs are adaptable � ranging from half-day sessions to all-day or multi-day formats, delivered by our leadership development team, and generally includes the following activities:

  • Developmental needs assessment: assess existing leadership capacity across the organization and determine the leaders' primary developmental needs that will deliver maximum results
  • Program design: partner with key stakeholders to confirm the core competencies to develop, review various delivery approaches, and establish the overall learning approach
  • Curriculum development: prepare all program materials, including any necessary reference documents, job aides, facilitator guides, and simulations as well as any blended eLearning deliverables
  • Program facilitation: facilitate all program elements, including instructor-led workshops, online learning modules, peer coaching programs, and action learning projects, as appropriate
  • Program evaluation: measure the program's effectiveness in delivering the intended performance improvements by conducting post-delivery assessments and identifying additional developmental needs for continuous improvement

IVC EWD can design and facilitate effective leadership development programs that create powerful learning experiences for your business, producing multi-faceted leaders who can implement new strategies for organizational change and energize business growth.