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Irvine Valley College is a premier educational institution that provides students avenues for success through exceptional services and dynamic partnerships.


Student equity, inclusion, access, and success are central to Irvine Valley College’s identity. We offer clear and guided pathways to transfer opportunities, certificates, associate degrees, employment, and further education to a diverse and dynamic local and global community. IVC fosters economic and workforce development through strategic partnerships with business, government, and educational networks.

2020-2025 Strategic Plan Goals

Goal 1: Ensure equity in access and achievement

1.1 Decrease and eliminate institutional barriers to ensure equitable educational outcomes for minoritized students i.e. Black/African American, Hispanic/Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander, and Native American. (VFS) 
1.2 Reduce and eliminate equity gaps for completion rates in transfer-level math and English. (VFS) 
1.3 Reduce and eliminate equity gaps between online and in-person classes 
1.4 Increase equity of access into college 
1.5 Reduce and eliminate student Fall to Spring and Fall to Fall retention equity gaps 
1.6 Cultivate a culturally responsive and inclusive learning and working environment free from explicit/implicit bias 
1.7 Cultivate a culturally responsive and inclusive learning and working environment free from institutional bias

Goal 2: Transform lives through learning and achievement

2.1 Increase the number of students annually who earn associate degrees, certificates, or 9 units in CE programs that prepare them for an in-demand job (VFS) 
2.2 Increase the number of students transferring annually (VFS) 
2.3 Increase course success in online and in-person classes 
2.4 Increase course success in online and traditional classroom classes 
2.5 Increase spring to spring and fall to fall retention 
2.6 Increase the percent of exiting career education students who report being employed in their field of study (VFS) 
2.7 Reduce average units accumulated by students who complete degrees (VFS) 
2.8 Increase and support educational programs and student services for adult learners 25 years and older 
2.9 Increase and support the number of outside classroom learning opportunities available for students in each school (and participation in those opportunities) 
2.10 Increase and support inter-disciplinary learning opportunities both within and across the colleges 
2.11 Increase and support the number of professional development opportunities for faculty and staff

Goal 3: Engage with community through athletic and cultural events, enrichment programs, and in creating economic prosperity for all

3.1 Strengthen and expand industry engagement to support student learning, program development, and regional economic development 
3.2 Increase the number of students who report obtaining a job closely related to their field of study that strongly support the regional economy (VFS) 
3.3 Increase participation in extended learning (community and adult education programs, and emeritus institutes) 
3.4 Increase the number of students who earn college credits while still in high school 
3.5 Increase partnerships with higher education institutions 
3.6 Increase community participation in civic, athletic, and cultural events 
3.7 Increase visibility in the community as a leader on equity, inclusion, and issues central to the health and well-being of the community

Goal 4: Optimize our institutional design and structure with a student-centered focus

4.1 Develop and improve institutional policies, practices, and processes pertaining to facilities, technology, and sustainability 
4.2 Develop an organizational culture of collaboration across the district and with district offices 
4.3 Create a sustainable and robust participatory governance evaluation process 
4.4 Provide enhanced student support with a student-centered design 
4.5 Develop and build out ATEP including collaboration with industry partners 
4.6 Support the work of the IVC Foundation to enhance partnerships and student success