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As of May 1, 2023

ItemProjected Completion DateStatus
Identify and appoint Standard and Objective LeadsFall 2020Completed
Collect data/evidence needed to write standardFall 2021 - Summer 2022Completed
Standard and objective leads write out bullet points of content and evidence linksFall 2021 - Summer 2022Completed
Pre-Visit by ACCJC Liaison – Kevin BontenbalSeptember 16, 2022 (11am-3pm)Completed
Put together Standard Interview/Review ScheduleFall 2022Completed
Primary writing time of ISER Conversion of bullet points into paragraphsFall 2022Completed
First Draft CompletedDecember 1, 2022 – January 27, 2023Completed
Town Hall for 1st draft and public comments
Post Draft on public website for comment
January-February 2023Completed
Circulate 1st draft of ISER to all constituency groups and collect feedbackJanuary - March 2023Completed
Standard leads revise draft based on feedbackJanuary - March 2023Completed
Second Draft completedApril 1, 2023Completed
Second draft and final approval by Academic Senate and College CouncilApril 2023
Academic Senate: April 6, 2023 (April 20, 2023)
College Council: April 12, 2023 (April 26, 2023)
Submission for Board of Trustees meeting 1st readingMay 2023
Docket: May 2, 2023
Meeting: May 25, 2023
Board of Trustees Approval of ISERJune 2023
Docket: June 6, 2023
Meeting: June 28, 2023
Deliver ISER to ACCJCDue: August 1, 2023Completed
ACCJC Team ISER Review – Meet and Greet District Team ISER Review as wellOctober 26, 2023Completed
ACCJC Focused Site VisitFebruary 27-28, 2024 
Commission ActionJune 2024