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Model UN team

The Irvine Valley College Model United Nations (MUN) program attended two conferences this semester and won awards in each competition category for a total of 11 awards. Prior to attending the conferences, IVC MUN students developed position papers on key issues such as the role of information technology in the illicit arms trade, supporting the worlds aquaculture, the impact of bullying and discrimination on youth, and addressing warming permafrost, amongst others. At the conference, students simulated the workings of the actual U.N. by advocating and negotiating for the interests of their country in committee meetings. Additionally, by engaging with students from different countries, IVC MUN student delegates work across cultural and linguistic differences, experiencing a multicultural learning opportunity like no other. 

From October 24-25, students participated in the PACMUN conference at Riverside City College, competing against 100 delegates from regional colleges and universities. Representing 14 countries the team won four awards, the most number of awards won by any college in attendance. This included two Outstanding Delegate award, one Distinguished Delegate award, and the Best Delegate award. The team consisted of 16 students who simulated the Security Council on the issue of women’s resilience in regions plagued by armed groups and the General Assembly on science, technology, and innovation for sustainable development.

From November 10-12, 12 students participated in the National Model United Nations Conference in Washington, D.C. where they won seven awards for skillfully representing Cameroon in six committees and had a student selected to chair a committee in a highly competitive process. Students persisted through a grueling three days of competition to win the top Outstanding Delegation award which is awarded to 5% of schools in attendance for the stellar performance of the entire delegation. Additionally, the team won position paper awards in five out of the six committees and a Best Delegate award, which is awarded by student peers to the delegation that performed most inclusively in committee. 

Although, the recognition of excellence bestowed by the awards is a great honor, the real reward lies in the personal and academic growth opportunities that this experience provides. Student delegates participating at MUN conferences have the unique opportunity to develop leadership, public speaking, negotiation and multicultural skills. Students developed transformational leadership skills by learning how to negotiate and engage with students from around the country and world. They mastered complex information in new formats, innovated collaboration techniques, and creatively developed solutions to a number of pressing and timely global problems. 

The following students participated in the conferences:
Melvin Alexander 
Ethan Davis 
Alexia Gallon 
Noah Gantes 
Brianna Guzman 
Megan Hu 
Alan Lai 
Austin Lueck 
Diego Moreno 
Amanda Nguyen 
Tammy Nguyen 
Dorrin Sepehrdoust 
Eli Sepulveda 
Alexander Vasilchikov
Caleb Yu 
Kayla Zanelli

For more information on the IVC Model United Nations program, contact Professor Shirin Sahani or Professor Jon Rossiter. Follow IVC MUN on instagram at ivcmun or on LinkedIn at IVC Model United Nations.