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The Re-Entry Center at Irvine Valley College is dedicated to helping students 25 years and older succeed in college. Whether  you are returning to school after 3 years or 30 years, the Re-Entry Center is here to provide a supportive environment for you! We offer additional workshops, resources and networking opportunities specifically for nontraditional students.

The Re-Entry Center Offers:

  • One-on-one academic, personal, and career counseling
  • Referrals for student services and campus resources (Student Success Center, childcare, tutoring, career and transfer centers, financial aid, etc.), and off-campus resources
  • Networking opportunities with other re-entry students through special events (orientations, support groups, open houses, etc.)
  • Access to workshops on a variety of topics tailored to nontraditional students such as financial aid, stress and time management, goal setting, study skills, and balancing work, family and school

Meet With the Re-Entry Counselor

  To make an appointment with the re-entry counselor, please contact the Career Center.