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Accreditation responsibilities include providing support for the self-study that is conducted every six years and the mid-term report every three years. The research department monitors the implementation of planning agendas & recommendations and takes a lead role in developing the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) annual report.

Our staff also participate on accreditation committees to provide perspective on institutional statistics and trends regarding institutional effectiveness. For detailed information on accreditation, please visit


General Overview of Standards

ACCJC is recognized by the US Department of Education and has 4 broad standards that are used collaboratively to evaluate accredited institutions. The standard are as follows:

Summary: The institution demonstrates the alignment of its mission through decision-making, planning, resource allocation, and effective use of data to measure and assess progress. The institution maintains academic quality by establishing institution-set standards, assessing student learning outcomes, and sustained dialogue regarding continuous improvement. The institution maintains institutional effectiveness through continuous evaluation of policies and practices, program review, student learning outcomes, & student objectives and planning steps toward improvement of deficient areas.

  1. Standard 1: Mission, Academic Quality and Institutional Effectiveness, and Integrity
    1. Mission
    2. Academic Quality & Institutional Effectiveness
    3. Institutional Integrity
  2. Standard 2: Student Learning Programs and Support Services
    1. Instructional Programs
    2. Library and Learning Support Services
    3. Student Support Services
  3. Standard 3: Resources
    1. Human Resources
    2. Physical Resources
    3. Technology Resources
    4. Financial Resources
  4. Standard 4: Leadership and Governance
    1. Decision-Making Roles & Processes
    2. Chief Executive Officer
    3. Governing Board
    4. Multi-College Districts or Systems

For further details about each of the standards, sub-sections, and elements, please visit the ACCJC information on their website.