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The Honors Program office is located in the Liberal Arts building, Room 107A. It includes the offices of the program coordinator (LA 107B) and administrative assistant (LA 107A) and a student lounge (LA 107) with an Internet-connected study area and kitchen.

There is no deadline to apply to the Honors Program. The program accepts applications year-round. Deadlines do apply for priority registration privileges.

In order to receive priority registration, applicants must submit the application with all requirements by the following dates:

  • For spring priority registration: September 1
  • For summer priority registration: March 1
  • For fall priority registration: April 1

Yes. All students are welcome to enroll in honors courses.

Yes. Honors course designations are indicated on the transcript. In addition, students who complete the program requirements receive a special transcript annotation as well as recognition at Commencement and an Honors medallion.

Yes. Those courses will be applied retroactively to your honors record and count towards program completion.

Yes. Michelle Minkler, Brad Conrad, and Marcella Hernandez are the Honors Program counselors on campus who advise honors students on their specific program needs. Please contact the Counseling Center at 949-451-5319 to schedule an appointment with one of the counselors.

Yes, students may apply to the Honors Program as soon as they have attained the eligible GPA. For example, high school graduates may apply to the Honors Program the summer after graduating, if their final unweighted academic GPA is a 3.25 or higher. Current IVC students may apply as soon as they have attained a 3.25 GPA in at least 12 units of UC-transferable coursework, although they should join early enough to complete 5 Honors courses at IVC prior to transferring.