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Research Opportunities (PDF)

The IVC Honors Program is dedicated to helping students (both Honors Program members and non-members) engage in meaningful, faculty-mentored research while at IVC. The Honors Program works to inspire students to engage in research, to match students with faculty mentors, and to recruit students to local and regional research conferences.

Below, you will find resources to help you begin with research and also information about several research conferences typically attended by IVC students and supported by the IVC Honors Program. To apply to research conferences, students must be in good standing at IVC, must work with a faculty mentor to define and conduct their research, and must submit a research abstract to the conference website and/or Honors Program Coordinator describing their proposed or completed research project. The primary annual conferences supported by the IVC Honors Program include the following:

  • The IVC/Saddleback Student Research Symposium: held each fall semester on the alternating sister campuses
  • The Southern California Conference on Undergraduate Research (SCCUR): held each November at a different campus in Southern California
  • The HTCC Community College Honors Research Conference
  • The Bay Honors Symposium: held alternately at Stanford and Berkeley campuses in late spring

All of these conferences are multidisciplinary; students are welcome to present research in any area. Each fall and spring semester, the Honors Program hosts several workshops and information sessions regarding research and research conferences. For more information, contact the Honors Program at

Note: The Honors Program sponsors student attendance at the conferences above. Other opportunities are available through IVC departments and clubs. For example, members of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (PTK), Psi Beta Honor Society, and the Applied Science and Engineering Club (ASEC) attend research events throughout the year. Please contact those organizations for further information.