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Acceptable Use Policy

The South Orange County Community College District (SOCCCD) digital information network is intended to enhance the availability of educational materials and opportunities for students. The network consists of computers; computer networks; e-mail and voice mail systems; Internet services; audio and video conferencing; and related electronic peripherals such as cellular phones, modems and fax machines. The District encourages broad and extensive use of the network for educational purposes. However, personal, recreational or commercial use of the system for non-academic matters is not permitted.

Student email privileges are designed solely for educational purposes. Chain letters, chat rooms, Multiple User Dimensions (MUDs), or multi-player game servers are not allowed, with the exception of those bulletin boards or chat groups that are created by academic staff for specific instructional purposes. The District reserves the right to monitor network and email use for the purpose of determining whether a violation of District policy or law has occurred, and to take disciplinary action when appropriate.

Guidelines for permitted uses of the information network are defined in South Orange County Community College District Administrative Regulation 4000.2, Electronic Communications.