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In accordance with Title 5, California Code of Regulations, Sections 59400– 59408, the policy for requiring students to provide instructional and other materials and establishing the provisions for assessing the students a fee for a credit or non-credit course shall conform to the
following guidelines:

  1. The materials shall be tangible personal property which are owned or primarily controlled by the individual student.
  2. The material is of a continuing value to the student outside of the classroom setting, which can be taken from the classroom setting, and which is not wholly consumed, used up or rendered valueless as it is applied in achieving the required objectives of a course which are to be accomplished under the supervision of an instructor during class hours.
  3. The material shall not be solely or exclusively available from the district except if it is provided to the student at the district’s actual cost; and:
    1. The material is otherwise generally available, but is provided by the district for health and safety reasons; or
    2. The material is provided in lieu of other generally available but more expensive material which would otherwise be required.

Any materials not meeting these guidelines will be provided by the district to students at no cost to the student.