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An average course load of 15-16 units each semester or term is necessary for a student to graduate within a two-year period. Students may carry a maximum of 19 units. A student who wishes to exceed the 19-unit maximum limit must have a cumulative 3.0 grade point average and must file a petition at least two calendar weeks prior to the first day of the semester. Petitions are available in and must be submitted to the Counseling Center. Students approved for overloads will be permitted to enroll in overload units one week before the term begins.

The South Orange County Community College District does not specify a minimum load except when the student must meet certain eligibility requirements for financial aid, student employment, Social Security certification, veterans enrollment certification, insurance eligibility, international student status, athletic eligibility, or other special programs. Eligibility for veterans benefits requires enrollment in the required units for each week of the certification period. The load requirement is as follows:

Full-time: 12 or more units
Three-quarter time: 9-11.5 units
One-half time: 6-8.5 units