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Irvine Valley College welcomes the free exchange of ideas on our Facebook page through the use of posted comments. Comments posted on our page do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the college.

We adhere to Facebook’s Terms of Use and Code of Conduct, and we reserve the right to remove any content that is abusive and/or profane, as well as advertisements for products, services, activities and events not sponsored by the college.

Students who are fans of the Irvine Valley College Facebook page are expected to conduct themselves as they would in a classroom.

Administrators of this page have the right to remove anyone who does not abide by the standards described in the Student Code of Conduct, which can be viewed at: Student Code of Conduct.

For the full text of Irvine Valley College’s Social Media Guidelines, visit: IVC's Social Media Guidelines.

If you have a concern about any posted content, or about any content that has been removed by the administrators of IVC’s Facebook page, please email us at