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Students at Irvine Valley College have the right to:

  • Enroll in any course for which they have met the necessary and valid prerequisites established by the college
  • Have access to written information that describes their rights and responsibilities in class schedules, catalogs, or other appropriate publications
  • Participate in a matriculation process that is efficient so that they are encouraged to take part in college programs
  • Avoid additional testing when appropriate alternate evidence can be provided.

Students at Irvine Valley College are responsible for:

  • Establishing a broad educational intent upon admission and declaring a specific educational goal within a reasonable period of time after admission
  • Diligently attending class and completing assigned coursework
  • Participating in counseling or advisement when appropriate
  • Considering the recommendations given by counselors and instructors
  • Using support services as needed
  • Completing courses and maintaining progress toward an educational goal according to standards established by the district.