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No animals or pets of any kind are allowed within the boundaries of any college. This restriction also applies to animals and/or pets confined in any vehicle parked within the college boundaries. In connection with special class assignments, the college president or an appointed designer may grant approval to a student to bring an animal or pet on campus. When such approval is granted, the student must control and supervise the animal or pet at all times while on campus.

NOTE: This policy does not apply to the use of a guide dog, signal dog, or service dog, specially trained for assisting a totally or partially blind person, deaf person, person whose hearing is impaired or physically disabled person, or the instructional use of animals or animals indigenous to the college’s grounds.

It is the policy of the South Orange County Community College District to permit qualified individuals with disabilities to use service animals in campus facilities and on campuses. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that qualified individuals with disabilities can participate in and benefit from District services, programs and activities, and to ensure that the District does not discriminate on the basis of disability. This policy is established pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). The definition of service animal is to include only dogs and miniature horses.